How to Backup Registry in Windows 7

Registry Editor in Windows operating system is a type of database that stores all the system information including new and modified about how a computer and\or its programs run. The tool allows a user to view and/or make changes like installing a new tool\program, installing a new hardware, or adding a user profile among others. No program in a computer can run without the presence of their registry entries in the Registry Editor. Since registry carries the natural risk of being damaged due to virus\malware attacks or technical glitch etc., users must create a backup to avoid their computer run into severe problems. The below mentioned guide will help you create a backup of your important registry without even the help of a Microsoft tech support.

Steps to Backup Registry in Windows 7

•    Click on the "Start" menu, type ‘regedit’ in the Start Search menu, and press Enter

•    When prompted for a confirmation or admin password, input the desired information and click on the "OK" button.

•    When the registry editor window comes up, click on the "File" menu and then select "Export". Select the location that you want to save the backed up file to from the dropdown menu next to the Save in box, give a name to the file, and then click on the "Save" button or hit Enter on the keyboard.

•    Choose My Documents or Desktop for saving the backup file as these would be the most convenient locations where the file can be easily accessed from. If you don’t specify a name for the file, it will be automatically saved as the .reg file.

•    Use an automatic backup program to backup the registry. This will save you from the manual work of backing up the registry.

•    Download a free or paid automatic backup program from a trusted website. Save the file to an easily accessible location like desktop. When the file is saved, open the file and run. This will automatically backup your entire registry to your desired location.

•    Create a system restore point when you are done modifying the registry. However, the method won’t be effective if you need to rollback the changes. There is one more drawback of the system restore utility and that is the points get removed due to several reasons.

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