How to Fix Windows 7 Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications application created by Microsoft that effectively turned Microsoft Windows operating system in a 'nagware', with 'This copy of Windows is not genuine "warning. The Windows Genuine Advantage program helps you determine whether your copy of Windows is genuine. WGA notifications occur when your computer has not passed the validation test. This sometimes affects legitimately activated machines, and is a small fix to stop the timer and activate the computer. After 30 days if not reactivate your team, you lose the ability to run programs on your computer, but you will be able to access their files to copy to your computer to an external storage device until you reinstall Windows. The issue of WGA is not a major problem, but if not reactivated, the team will be useless until you reinstall your copy of Windows 7. The below mentioned Steps will help you resolve the issue(s) on your own and If  you will face any problem in performing below mentioned steps, You can call Windows 7 Support  at their toll free No. +1-877-452-9201

•    Turn on your computer and wait for it to boot up.

•    Locate your Windows 7 installation packaging that came with your computer or the retail Windows 7 you purchased. On the inside of the packaging is a software key that needs to be entered in order for your issue of Windows 7 to be activated. Locate the key and keep it handy.

•    Click the "Start" button and then roght click “Computer” and then click “Properties”. At the bottom of the next screen is text that shows how many days you have to activate Windows. Click the "Change Product Key" button near the timer.

•    Enter in your software key from the packaging and click "OK" to send the key to Microsoft for verification.

•    Wait for the key to be verified and you will be congratulated with "You have successfully activated Windows." Your WGA problem is solved

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