How to find Network Settings in Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista control all the internet connection and local network configurations in Network and Sharing Center. You can see information about the TCP/IP settings, DNS servers, wireless Internet connections and firewall settings here.The Network and Sharing Center is built into the windows vista control panel for easy access. You can also set your home group and change your internet setting through network configurations in Microsoft Vista.

Get along with the steps below for setting up the network on your own. If you find the steps to be much technical for you to handle, Get Microsoft Product Support With Microsoft-Certified Professionals

Steps to change Network and Sharing Settings

Step1: Click "Start," >"Control Panel”. Then click “Network and Internet”.

Step2: Select "Network and Sharing Center" to set local network configuration for your computer's access and the Internet and to enable access to your computer from other computers within your selected network.

Step3: Select "Set up a new connection or network" to set configuration of Internet connections including wireless, LAN, dial-up, VPN and more.

Step4: Select "Connect to a network" to establish a connection with a previously configured Internet connection. Then select "Choose homegroup and sharing options" to share files or printers or connect to computers within your homegroup that share files or printer.

Step5: Select "Troubleshoot problems" to launch the Windows Internet connection troubleshooting wizard. This application guides you through diagnosing connection issues.

Steps to change Home Group Settings

Step1: Click "Start," "Control Panel." Then click “Network and Internet”

Step2: Select "Homegroup" to configure file and printer sharing across computers within your home or office. And  Select "Change Advanced Sharing Settings" to enable file sharing for select directories and printer sharing across your home network.

Steps to change Internet Settings
Step1: Click "Start," "Control Panel." Then Click "Network and Internet."

Step2: Select "Internet" options to change your Internet connection settings. From Internet Properties menu, you can manage your Internet Explorer program by defaults (including setting the homepage and search providers), set Internet security and privacy levels, manage proxy connections and adjust advanced Internet Explorer settings. Changing options in this dialog applies only to Internet Explorer and not to other browsers that you might use.

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