How to Fix Windows Xp Slow Startup

Extremely slow boot up with Window XP commonly relate to two aspects. One is the startup program and the other is system service. In this blog, I will tell you the way to fix Window xp slow startup.
windows xpThere are two things that can cause your Windows XP computer to boot slowly:
  • Your Windows registry is in need of a thorough cleaning
  • You have too many “unnecessary” programs loading when your computer starts
While there could be a few other reasons for a slow start up for your Windows PC, these are the two major culprits for this problem. Get along with the steps below for fix windows xp slow startup and give better performance. If you find the steps to be much technical for you to handle then you also fix your Windows Errors That Appear in Your Start up from How to Fix Windows Errors That Appear in Your Startup

Step1: In first step, try to fix Windows XP slow startup and what programs are loading when you startup Windows XP. From start menu, click on run, then type in msconfig and press enter. Look at the Boot.ini tab. In the box labeled Timeout change the time from the default 30 to 3.After changing ,check how long it wait to before booting.

Step2: click on the tab labeled startup. It will display what programs Windows XP startup is loading. Unclick any of the boxes that you do not need to have running all the time. This can greatly fix Windows XP slow startup without having to wait for so many programs to load every time.

Step3: for download a free registry cleaner then go to Registry cleaner is very popular one and it always backup your registries before you do anything to change it. Registry cleaner that will remove old code from the registry that is no longer needed.

Step4: The system can slow due to RAM, which is lack of memory. Increase your system speed, add more RAM, which will give better performance.
All these are my tips to fix Windows XP slow startup. There are other things you can do, most require a lot of work and knowledge and could cause you a lot of problems if done incorrectly.If you want restore the files that have been deleted accidentally by users from their Windows XP computer then follow this article Steps to Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP.

Note: Do not get in any shot of computer problem if you are not confident performing the steps detailed above. You can reach online technical support service desk of V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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