How to Recover Deleted Files from Window XP

In windows XP, if you delete a file from any directory or even from the recycling bin, it’s not gone forever. Lost files can occur for many reasons like- File was mistakenly deleted, File was corrupt and deleted by scan disk, another program deleted the file or normally you deleted files to change your disk space which is available for other programs.
As long as you have available hard drive space, you should be able to recover the files with the right utility program. If you find that your deleted files are unavailable in the recycle bin that means the Bin's "INFO" file has been damaged, but it is still possible to recover the files.Following steps will help you to recover your deleted files from windows XP.
If you want to know more about recover files and how to recover deleted files then follow this article.Steps to Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP

Step1: Load the utility software program "Recover My Files" into your computer. If it is a downloaded program then extract its contents to your hard drive. If it is from a disc, run the program and install it after recovering your files to prevent the drive from being rewritten.

Step2: Follow the steps in the program for recovering the file. This usually involves scanning your hard drive for all deleted files and restoring it by copying it.

Step3: If file are in recycle bin then select "Restore". This command reads the files original path from the "INFO" file renames it and restores its directory entry.

Step4:  Restore the file elsewhere if the Recycle Bin's "INFO" file was damaged. This causes the bin to appear empty when your file is there. In the Start command, go to "Find Files" or "Folders" or "Search" in Windows XP and then rename the deleted file once you've found it.

Step5: Delete the "INFO" file if you are still unable to recover your file. Open a DOS command window by going to "Start" then "Programs" and choosing MS-DOS Prompt. Enter the following commands in order: CD \RECYCLED, ATTRIB -H INF*, DEL INFO*. And EXIT.
To make the Recycled folder the current folder type: CD \RECYCLED
To unhide the INFO file type: ATTRIB -H INF*
To delete the INFO file type: DEL INFO*.
To close the DOS window type: EXIT

Step6: Reboot the system after deleting the "INFO" file. Windows will create a new "INFO" file upon restarting and you may now find the files in the "Recycle Bin" now.
These tips are simple and useful for normal windows user.If you want to fix slow process in windows XP then follow this blog-How to Fix Windows Xp Slow Startup ,which i have discussed in same blog.

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