How to Fix a Dell Laptop

fix dell laptop
Fixing your dell system are not straightforward tasks, if there are a number of issues to connect with your laptop. Narrowing down the possibilities for your Dell errors is important to fixing the machine, whether it is a hard drive error, video problem or any other problem.

The below instruction will help to fix your common laptop problem like-related to power supply, screen problem and hard drive issue. 
If you want to fix the error codes in dell laptop then follow my blog-how to fix common dell error codes.

Step1: Check the power supply. It is the first step in diagnosing a problem for a dell laptop. If there is no power going to the laptop  then check the power source otherwise unplug the power adapter and plug in another electrical device to this same socket. If this electrical device also isn't powered, the problem is with the socket.

Step2: Check the battery indicator light on your laptop. It should be on the underside or on the side of the PC. It may be that your battery needs to be swapped. Dell batteries typically are good for 1000 partial/full charges. After that point and leading up to it, they begin to hold their charge for less and less time.

Step3: If any problem in laptop screen like- LCD display cracked in any way, If so, attend to it as soon as possible. If the screen is flickering, it is likely a failed or failing backlight. you should take it into local computer shop or ship the unit to dell.

Step4: Now check the video failure and listen closely to your computer. Do you hear the Dell computer fan running? If you can no longer hear the fan running, the problem not with video but with the main board or power system. To see if it is indeed a video problem, use a VGA cable to hook up another, outside monitor to your Dell. If this monitor does not at least light up when you power up your system, you can count that this is not a fan-related problem, but a video failure to same degree. You should consult from professional help for your Dell laptop.

Step5: If you are facing problem to access the files in your system which is likely related to hard drive issue. But unlike the other problems, replacing or fixing a hard drive on a Dell is a fairly straightforward task. A new hard drive can be obtained from a number of different vendors. If you are a power user, a hard drive of 500GB to over 1TB (1000 GB) may be very desirable. If you are replacing new hard drive then reinstall the operating system.

Note:If you want to get dell support then you can reach online technical support service desk of V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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