How to Troubleshoot Your Dell Printer

 dell printer
Whenever we are rushing to complete a project for school or a report for work, somehow our printers just seem to fail on the last minute. No printer model is free from this, not even Dell printers. Then you have option to troubleshoot your Dell printer. Following steps help you -how to troubleshoot a Dell printer to fix your Dell printer and restore your productivity.
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Step1: check your dell printer power source which is plug in or not. Power fault may cause some of your dell printer problems.

Step2: Verify that your Dell printer is plugged securely into your computer. Sometimes, the printer cable may be disconnected when you are moving or using your PC. This may result in printer errors when the Dell printer tries to send printer data to your computer, and vice versa. Jiggle the printer cable gently to check that it is plugged in firmly.

Step3: Restart your computer. Internal software conflicts and errors can sometimes prevent your Dell printer from completing the printing job successfully. Restarting your computer clears the system cache and may help resolve these issues when troubleshooting your Dell printer.

Step4: Turn off the Dell printer by pressing its Power button. Turn the Dell printer on again while simultaneously holding down the up arrow key and the down arrow key, located on the front panel of the printer. This initiates the Dell printer's "Customer Mode" menu on the printer's front display screen.

Step5: Test the Dell printer's print quality by pressing the arrow key to select each of the printer's types of ink and pressing the Return key to initiate a test print. This can help you to troubleshoot whether you have a problem with the Dell printer's connection to your computer or a hardware issue.

Step6: Clear the Dell printer's NVRAM cache to help troubleshoot the Dell printer. Press Menu on the front display panel and select Configure. Use the arrow keys to click Maintenance and then select Init NVRAM. Press the return panel to clear the Dell printer's internal memory. Restart the printer by turning it off with the Power button, then turning it back on.

Step7: If your dell printer troubleshooting methods fail to solve specific problem then you can contact Dell's customer service center.

If you want to get dell support then you can reach online technical support service desk of V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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