How to Fix a Printer Spooler Error

fix a printer spooler error
The print spooler service controls your print job queue. It acts as an interface between your computer and the printer to send this data to the printer's queue. A print spooler error indicates that something went wrong with the print spooler, and the service needs restarting before you can continue sending jobs to the printer. Printer spooler error detect that printer not receive all of the data from the printer queue.
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Step1: From start button, choose control panel.

Step2: In the text field at the top right of the window, type "Administrative Tools" and click on the result.

Step3: Double-click the "Services" option in this panel. Go through the services list to find "Print Spooler." Double-click "Print Spooler" to launch the Properties menu.

Step4:  Change "Startup Type" to "Automatic" on the drop-down menu if it is not already selected.

Step5: Click the "Start" button if it is not grayed out. Click "OK." Windows starts up the Print Spooler service and your printer is to accept data once again.

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