How to Scan Windows and Fix Errors

scan windows and fix errors
Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating systems include a built-in utility that allows you to scan your computer and fix file system errors automatically. This task helps you to improve the hard drive performance and solve drive functionality problems. Once you understand how to access the utility and set the appropriate options, scanning Windows and fixing file system issues becomes a quick process. Follow the given steps to perform this task.
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Step1:  Close all programs.

Step2:  Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Computer."

Step3: Right-click the name of the drive which you want to scan and select "Properties." By default, Windows resides in "C:" drive.

Step4: Select the "Tools" tab located near the top of the resulting dialog box.

Step5:  Click the "Check Now" button, located below the "Error-checking" heading. Confirm your choice if prompted by Windows.

Step6:  Check only the box labeled "Automatically fix file system errors."

Step7:  Click "Start." The scanning process begins immediately. It generally completes within 10 minutes.

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