How to Replace Printer Cartridges

How to Replace Printer Cartridges
Now a printer has on-screen alerts that let you know when the ink/toner level of the cartridge are low. Different print cartridge manufacturers have set out methods to notify you about the levels of the cartridges. When you attempt to print, it appears streaky or blank. This indicates that you need to replace the cartridges. Follow the given steps to replace printer cartridges.

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Step1: Check printer cartridge compatibility before unpacking a new print cartridge. Make sure that it is compatible with your printer.

Step2: Press the Power button to turn on the printer.

Step3: Close the printer cartridge and rear doors, if they are not already closed.

Step4: On the product control panel, press the Print Cartridge button . The product rotates the print cartridge carousel.

Step5: Open the printer cartridge door.

Step6: If the cartridge you want to replace is not in the position for removal, close the printer cartridge door, and then press the Print Cartridge button  to rotate the carousel. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

Step7: Grasp the handle on the old print cartridge, and then pull the print cartridge straight out to remove it.

Step8: Close the print cartridge door. After you close the print cartridge door, the control panel displays the 'Initializing ' message. Wait until product is idle and silent before proceeding.

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